The Museum of Ice Cream is as great as it sounds

OMG did you know there's a Museum of Ice Cream now in New York City? Are you just finding out about this? Do you think that would be a fun thing to do? giphy

Too bad. By the time the news hit The New York Times, all 30,000 tickets for the limited-time, summer-only pop up museum were sold out.

Thanks to being a loyal Gothamist reader, I found out about the museum on July 9th and promptly bought four tickets at $15/each face value. I put my tickets up for sale last week on Craigslist for a day for $150, a 900% markup, just to see if they would sell. I had 5 inquiries within 24 hours, and one threatening email telling me, "That's honestly ridiculous, greedy and downright outrageous. I hope you have zero luck selling these tickets." While the lady had a point, she clearly didn't realize how far people are willing to go to experience this limited-time engagement.

If you're shit out of luck and don't want shell out one hundred fifty smackaroos, don't fret: Little Girl Big Mouth is here to show you exactly what you're missing. Sorry. (Not sorry.)

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 10.36.14 PM

Room 1: Ice cream! That you eat!

I had a pretty deep rooted fear that the Museum of Ice Cream was just going to involve looking at ice cream and talking about ice cream and there wouldn't be any real ice cream consumption. Thankfully, my suspicions were proved wrong within two seconds of entering the building. You start the tour with a custom scoop of ice cream made especially for the museum.

Screen Shot 2016-08-03 at 10.41.17 PM












Different local ice cream vendors will be offering scoops of custom creations depending on when you visit the museum. Scoop schedule:

7.29 - 8.8: Blue Marble & Kellogg's 8.10 - 8.15: Oddfellows Ice Cream Co. 8.17 - 8.22: McConnell's Fine Ice Cream & Maman 8.24 - 8.31: Chinatown Ice Cream Factory 8.8 & 8.15: Black Tap

Room 2: Edible balloons that aren't ice cream but are still fun

This room is called the "cone room" because it's decorate with a bunch of waffle cone paraphernalia, but the real star of the show is the candy balloon filled with helium that they hand each patron. The balloon is pretty sticky and disgusting but the results are fun:

[wpvideo Omtgb4ox w=274 h=488]

Room 3: Creating the world's biggest sundae with freakish non-melting ice cream

This room was a dud. They tell you some history about ice cream and then ask everyone to pick up a sticky scooper and spoon out some magical non-melting ice cream to throw on top of a goblet. You don't get to put anything in your mouth in this room, so it is inherently less fun. They also encourage you to take a selfie with the oversized bowl of unknown substance. Non-melting ice cream is an abomination and it upsets me.



Room 4: The chocolate room, where you can put things in your mouth again

Chocolate! Everyone loves chocolate! This was mostly a space filled with projector screens showing images of flowing liquid chocolate. There was a chocolate fountain in the corner but they tell you in advance not to touch it or drink from it, which I get for hygenic reasons, but still a bummer. Thankfully, there are individually wrapped Dove chocolates all over this room for you to eat while marveling at the melting imagery on the walls.

[wpvideo xKm5s23d w=274 h=488]

Room 5: This is what you came for: the (fake) sprinkle pool

The sprinkle pool at the MOIC is probably going to be in the top 5 things instagrammed in NYC this summer. The museum has been pushing this image hard in their promotional efforts, and for good reason: the thing is pretty fucking cool and everyone looks glamorous in a backdrop of rainbows. The caveat: it's not real sprinkles. The pool is filled with little plastic beads that you find in between your toes hours later. Next to the pool, there are plastic bins filled with gummies, more chocolate, and other sugar delivery devices, so you can literally have your cake and eat it too, or in this case, have your candy and eat it in a pool full of imitation sprinkles.













Room 6: Take this pill and eat this ice cream that came out of nowhere, you'll be fine, I swear.

As you enter this room, an attendant gives you a pellet of concentrated synsepalum ducificum, more commonly known as magic berries (you can buy them on Amazon for $15/pack). The chemicals in the pellet bind to the sweet receptors on your tongue and make sour food taste sweet for about a half hour. To test the effects, a spooky glove-covered hand appears from behind a wall and hands you tart frozen yogurt and lemon slices.


Room 7: Tinder is here for some reason

The final room is sponsored in part by Tinder, which doesn't have much to do with ice cream, but okay sure we'll go with it. There's a giant ice cream sandwich you can swing on and an ice cream scoop see-saw. But, again, nothing to put in your mouth, so kind of a lackluster finale.


So that's the museum! I got to put things in my (little girl big) mouth in 5 out of 7 rooms, and that's more than I get in a normal museum, so this was an overall win. Go team!

[wpvideo HbLjPypv w=274 h=488]



MealPass! Like ClassPass, but food.

For those of you that don't obsessively scan the NYC food blogs, YUUUGE news on the weekday lunch beat: MealPass is coming and it could very possibly change your life. If you work between 10th St and 34th St, between 3rd Ave and 8th Ave, LISTEN UP. You work in the MealPass zone. (Those outside the zone are welcome to keep listening.) Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 12.04.06 AM

MealPass is a lunch subscription service brought to you by the creators of ClassPass. You pay $99/month and get access to one lunch per day at over 120 restaurants in the Midtown/Flatiron area. Each restaurant offers one option each day, and the following day's menu is posted at 7:00PM the night before. As long as you order by 9:30AM that day, you can waltz into the restaurant, skip the line, pick up your item from the cashier, and sashay out like queen of the world. If the service works the way MealPass claims it should, some potential pros and cons:

The Pros:

Price. The most exciting part of MealPass? The cost. For $99/month, with five weekday meals included, that breaks down to about $5 per meal if you use it every day. This is significantly cheaper than newly launched lunchtime players Maple ($12), Fastbite by Caviar ($15-$17), and UberEats ($16-$20). Put all that extra money in your Roth IRA like the millennial your parents wish you were.

Speed. Have you ever waited in a sweetgreen line a few weeks before peak #croptopseason? Brutal. Your meal will be ready at a designated time and you can get back to work faster.


Options. MealPass currently has 120 restaurants in its roster, and that's just for the initial launch. Stand out selections include Blue Smoke, Choza Taqueria, Joe's Pizza, and ilili Box.

The Cons:

Options. Wait, wasn't this just a pro? Having 120 options each day can lead to choice paralysis, or what I call "The Cheesecake Factory Effect". Maybe you want the Tex Mex Eggrolls, but shittttt what about the Louisiana Chicken Pasta, but damn the Factory Nachos look good oh FUCK IT just bring me ten loaves of the brown bread. (1)

Timing. You have to decide what you want for lunch either after 7:00PM the night before, or before 9:30AM that day. Good luck remembering to make your choices during the times you're least likely to be by a computer.

Portions. MealPass launched in Boston and Miami in January. If you can get past the impassioned bickering about the size of a normal cheeseburger, this Boston Chowhound thread shows some early complaints about portion sizes being significantly smaller than advertised.

Delivery. Per the laws of physics, my body at rest in my desk chair tends to stay at rest. I'd actually have to get off my lazy ass and go outside with the masses to pick up the food.

The Verdict:

Who knows! The service launches today and my office is in Soho, so I'm not a great candidate. I'm doomed to $13 turkey sandwiches from Dean and Deluca and $8 pureed raspberries from Joe and the Juice, but if you're in MealPass' sweet spot, sign up here:

Read more here:

MealPass, a ClassPass-Style Lunch Service, Launches in NYC This Week - Eater

Mealpass is a money-saving Classpass for your weekday lunch - Time Out NY

Celebrate America with Melted Cheese and New Restaurants

boehner cheese

You can't blame Boehner for getting emotional - that is some sexy cheese. I also may have cried while eating it.

Get out of your backyard (if you're lucky enough to have one) and head to one of these new or newish restaurants in NYC.


This new hot spot right under the High Line is always full of beautiful, trendy people. The palm trees and colorful dishware make you feel like you're on the Mediterranean coast. The food is light but pricey - buyer beware.


Cecina with avocado trapenese. Fancy words for chickpea pancake with Mediterranean guac.


Kale salad


Tortellini sorrentina - goat cheese tortellini


Bonus round - Cocktail: Manganelli punch. Comes in a fun pineapple great for taking hilarious "Look I'm drinking out a pineapple!" pictures.

Get it here: 

Santina - 820 Washington Street


Everyone's been raving about this new Flatiron place for dinner, but I actually liked it better for brunch. And the room glows with gold light so it makes you feel like your robbing the gold bar supply from a bank. A delicious, heavy breathing-inducing bank.


Pastry Basket - house-made grapefruit pound cake, baguette, bacon and chive scones, cinnamon sugar donuts, lemon poppy muffin, butter + jam


Spanish frittata - roasted garlic mayonnaise, espelette + chives. A Spanish tortilla masquerading as a frittata. Still good.

Get it here: 

Upland - 345 Park Ave South


I'm gonna start some shit when I say this: Maman is the new Levain Bakery. If you don't feel like shlepping to the Upper West Side and waiting on a 20 minute line for a cookie, Maman's are just as good.


Chocolate chip walnut cookie

Get it here:

Maman - 239 Centre St


This is Bobby Flay's newest Spanish influenced NYC restaurant. Most of my pictures from here came out really shitty because I had just gotten a new camera and didn't know what the hell I was doing, so here's one of the most popular and unique appetizers: scrambled eggs.


Scrambled eggs, almond romesco, boucheron cheese, tomato confit toast

Get it here:

Gato - 324 Lafayette St

Root and Bone

Southern food is my favorite type of food. I have an unrefined palate and I don't like sushi or clams or beef tartare or basically anything that "foodies" should like. I might be the worst, but Root and Bone is the best.


Apricot and ricotti bruschetta


Grilled peach caprese - gooey pimento cheese croquette, charred peaches, pickled green tomatoes, baby heirloom tomatoes, basil & molasses vinegar


Macaroni and cheese - big pasta, crunchy cheese & biscuit thyme crust


Fried chicken & waffle sandwiches - whisky maple syrup, pickled green tomato, watercress, on a cheddar cheese waffle. We didn't even order this but they brought it to us by mistake and I wasn't mad.


Crispy chicken biscuits - tabasco pepper jam, jar of pickles & root chips

Get it here:

Root and Bone - 200 E 3rd St


The mothership. This shoebox in the East Village has literally 6 seats in it. You order a plate of vegetables, potatoes, and meat, and they come by with this giant wedge of hot cheese and melt it on top of your food. They have a few other things here but why bother: you know why you came.

They're doing a solid business in takeout, which I don't really understand, because how does the cheese melting work? Does the delivery guy come with the wedge of cheese and the contraption that melts it and do it for you in your living room while you watch your 5th episode of Law and Order SVU? Or, much worse, is the cheese pre-melted? Just do yourself a favor and get here ASAP.



Get it here:

Raclette - 195 Avenue A



For my first published article since October, click here for a review of Brod Kitchen's smorrebrod - open faced Danish sweet and savory sandwiches. They didn't have as much cheese as I like but I made an exception because this one has Nutella, hazelnuts, dates, and mint. nuttela

Now that I'm no longer working my day job in food, I need to get my fix elsewhere, so expect more of these soon.

How to Ball Out When Your Rents Are In Town

I spend all year compiling lists of restaurants I would eat at if I had fistfuls of cash, and then I shove all the reservations into one weekend when my parents come to town. So when Mom visited this weekend, we ate HARD. From thin-crust trendy pizza to fluffy James Beard pancakes, read on to find out how you too can feed yourself and your parents like the morbidly obese kings of NYC. caviar omelette parents

(This omelette from Norma's in The Parker Meridian actually looks vile. Please do not ball out THIS HARD.)

Breakfast: Bubby's High Line

I've always wanted to go here, but every time I've passed by it's been ridiculously mobbed by a rough-riding stroller crew. Also, $10 for a side of bacon... no. We avoided the line by going at the Mom-requested (and Caryn-reviled) time of 9:30AM. $8 Valrhona Hot Chocolate sounds stupid crazy but was worth the price tag. We should have split one entree because everything was HUMONGOUS. I forgot to take pictures because 9:30AM is too early to function, so instead, here is a photo ripped from TripAdvisor of the James Beard-recipe pancakes I ate. And just to illustrate how big they were, I photoshopped myself into them for some perspective.


Get it here:

Bubby's High Line – 71 Gansevoort Street, NY, NY 10012 – 212-206-6200

Lunch: Marta

While this place isn't super pricey, a quick search on OpenTable shows reservations for the next two weeks are extremely limited. You can either eat at 2:30PM with the unemployed or "creatively self-employed" types, or at 10:45PM with the monsters that think that's an acceptable time for dinner. OR you can plan ahead and make a rezzie for when your parents are in town like a boss.


Frittura di Zucca - breaded and fried delicata squash rings


Funghi Pizza - Fontina, Hen of the Woods, Chanterelles, Red Onion, Thyme

Get it here:

Marta – 29 E 29th Street, NY, NY 10016 – 212-651-3800

Dinner: August

My favorite food blog The Infatuation just listed August as one of the must-try new restaurants of Winter 2014. This is a perfect parent place: warm and cozy, a little too expensive, in the Upper East Side, and occupied by a few other "older" people who aren't instragramming their meals.


Burrata, Roasted Beets, Walnut Soil


Roasted Organic Chicken, Hen of the Woods Mushrooms, Black Truffle, Roasted Carrots, Porcini Oil


Roasted Scallops, Celery Root, Honeycrisp Apple

Get it here:

August – 791 Lexington Ave, NY, NY 10065 – 212-935-1433

4th of July at The Dutch - Corn Dogs and Peach Pie

Happy Birthday America! Can't believe you're finally 2014 years old! (JK.)

Here are some photos of the Ameridiculous cookout menu that was served at The Dutch yesterday. May your long weekend be filled with lots of goodies as rich and fattening as the dishes below. Because THAT'S what it means to be an American.

photo 1

Mexican Street Corn with Lime, Chile, and Cotija Cheese

photo 2

Corn Dog Stuffed with Cheddar

photo 3

Texas-Style Smoked Brisket Plate, Watermelon, Hawaiian Sweet Roll, Potato Salad with Bacon

photo 4

Peach Pie, Blackberry - Buttermilk Ice Cream

Get it here:

The Dutch – 131 Sullivan Street, NY, NY 10012 – 212-677-6200

Let's Get Outdoor Food Wasted

After the soul-crushing frozen tundra experience that was Winterpocalypsegeddon 2013-14, this weekend's first appearance of above 80 temps made me very, very happy. Like the rest of NYC, I took to the streets to absorb all the sun-soaked Vitamin D my body could handle. I also decided to do the same with calories. My first stop was Tacombi at Fonda Nolita, a covered space that still feels like a cool outdoor patio with string lights and high ceilings. Real live Mexican person Fernando Acevedo came with me and says this is one of his favorite authentic spots in NYC.


Also there's this old VW bus where tacos come from. Neat.


Spiked Horchata with Rum. Tastes like rice pudding but makes you drunk. Super.


Agua Fresca de Jamaica. Jamaica = Hibiscus.


Guacamole con Totopos


Barbacoa (brisket) Taco and Crispy Fish Taco


Pollo Quesadilla and Pollo Adobo Taco. Highly recommend the quesadilla if you like cheese (which you should.)


We poured this sauce on EVERYTHING.

Get it here:

Tacombi at Fonda Nolita – 267 Elizabeth St, NY, NY 10012 – 917-727-0179

On Sunday, I wandered around the Chelsea/Meatpacking area. Passed by this sign for Doughnut Plant on West 23rd Street and had to stop because LOOK AT THOSE MAY SPECIALS:


I grabbed two of their smaller donuts, "doughseeds", and headed to the High Line.


Mango Doughseed


Banana Pecan Doughseed

Get it here:

Doughnut Plant – 220 W 23rd St, NY, NY 10011 – 212-675-9100

Ever since I heard about the old school soda fountain opening at Bubby's High Line, I've been dying to get my hands on an ice cream soda. SO. MANY. FLAVORS.


While the menu looks cool, the space was a little underwhelming. I expected a counter with metal stools staffed by soda jerks serving frosty specials in tall glasses, but this is really more of a grab-and-go ice cream joint. Sundaes are served in Chinese takeout containers which is... confusing?


Black and White - Chocolate Soda with Vanilla Ice Cream. This was pretty delicious, but it took them a few tries to make it correctly. I hope this place works out the kinks so I can come back and try everything (milkshakes, sodas, sundaes, and pies included).

Get it here:

Bubby's Soda Fountain – 71 Gansevoort St, NY, NY 10014 – 212-206-6200

LGBM Visits: El Vez

On Monday a.k.a. Staycation Day 1, I ventured wayyyy downtown to check out Stephen Starr's newest NYC outpost, El Vez, which opened last Friday. If you find yourself in the tourist hellhole/permanent construction site that is the World Financial Center, El Vez's humongous and bright dining room is a great place to escape. IMG_3887


They've got three types of guac, so make sure to get at least one. I recommend the "Bazooka" Limon which has GOAT CHEESE. Cheese + guac = win.


The Zucchini Blossom & Corn Quesadilla was a little on the salty side, but as one of the cheapest menu options at $12, its large portion won't leave you hungry. Just maybe a little thirsty.


Speaking of thirst, the drink menu has a lot of unexpected flavors, including a Red Bell Pepper Margarita with thai bird chili and something called a "No Me Gusta el Tequila!" for people who really don't want a margarita. Since I was celebrating Day 1 of Staycation, the festive Frozen Blood Orange Margarita was appropriately sweet and decadent.


The Churros with Mexican Chocolate Dipping Sauce were pretty standard, but I'm never one to turn down fried dough.

If you work in the area and need a new lunch option, get excited for El Vez's quick service burrito bar, opening soon in the back of the restaurant.

Get it here:

El Vez - 259 Vesey St, NY, NY 10282 - 212-233-2500


99 Essential Restaurants - Behind the Scenes

Thanks to the Village Voice, I spent a week in February eating out every night so I could contribute to their 99 Essential Restaurants in Lower Manhattan list under a tight deadline. Many thanks to all of those who braved the clearly painful (jk) meals with me. See below for some behind the scenes food porn from my week of gluttony. Southern Breakfast at Clinton Street Baking Co. - Click to Read the Review


Get it here:

Clinton Street Baking Co. - 4 Clinton St, NY, NY, 10002 - 646-602-6263 

Crème Brûlée Doughnut at Doughnut Plant - Click to Read the Review


Get it here:

Doughnut Plant - 379 Grand Street, NY, NY 10002 - 212-505-3700

Pepperoni Pizza at John's of Bleecker St - Click to Read the Review


Get it here:

John's of Bleecker Street - 278 Bleecker St, NY, NY 10014 - 212-243-1680

Visit Smorgasburg This Saturday Because EPIC CHOCOLATE BATTLE

A few months back I told you about my friend Gabi and her new husband Kris’ chocolate company Apropo Chocolates. Refresher: image


If my chocolate porn pictures piqued your internet, come to Smorgasburg/Brooklyn Flea (80 North 5th St. at Wythe Ave, Williamsburg) this Saturday (the indoor version, ugh, winter -__- ) to watch Apropro Chocolate duke it out for a yearlong spot in the prestigious market. Be there to say you knew them when.

While you’re there, make sure to stop by the new-ish Bruffin table because it’s a hybrid food (brioche/muffin) and hybrid foods are kewl:



cronut = croissaint/donut

crogel = croissant/bagel

doughscuit = donut/biscuit

dannoli = donut/cannoli

cuffin = cookie/muffin

blonut = blintz/donut



A girl can dream…

Get it here:

Smorgasburg - Locations vary, follow link for updated location


image Many months ago, I wrote about the imminent return of my neighborhood favorite spot - and also home to the best cheese blintzes - Sarge’s Deli, which burned down in a fire November 2012. Well I am proud to be the first to report….



Get it here:

Sarge's Deli - 548 3rd Ave, NY, NY 10016 - 212-679-0442

Burgers, fries, and a spiked shake at @burgerjointnyc with @molliesophia and @lindsaybass88, my favorite galentines

Get it here:

Burger Joint - 33 W 8th St, NY, NY, 10011 - 212-432-1400

Check out these behind-the-scenes photos from Untamed Sandwiches opening party! Read more about the midtown sammich shop here:

Get it here:

Untamed Sandwiches - 43 W 39th St, NY, NY 10018 - 646-669-9397

It's a Great Day for some Chocolate Porn

It’s nice to have friends in chocolate places. My old friend Gabriella Knoll and her new husband Kristofer recently successfully completed Kickstarter funding for their new chocolate company, Apropo Chocolates. Gabi was sweet enough to drop off a box for me to taste, and let me tell you, THIS SHIT IS DELICIOUS. This is Apropo’s Signature Sampler box. From left to right you’ve got: Citrus and Thyme, Honey-Lemon Caramel, Wine Cream, and Banana and Rum.



Check out these extremely graphic close ups of the fillings:

Banana Rum (and awful chipped manicure)


Honey-Lemon Caramel in the Foreground, Wine Cream in the Background


The Honey-Lemon Caramel was my favorite - lemon isn’t something you would normally associate with caramel, but it was actually incredibly refreshing and light. If you want some of these puppies for a special someone, you can check out their website at They’re perfect for that friend that likes chocolate i.e. ANYONE WITH A SOUL. Also they’re super high quality and local, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Get it here:

Apropo Chocolate