My Fox Business Network Debut - Getting Too Excited About Waffles on National TV

For one of my last assignments at my old TV job, my co-worker Marisa and I went to legendary Brooklyn soul food joint Pink Teacup to interview the staff for a possible reality show. While this wasn't normally part of my responsibilities, I obviously tagged along so I could get a taste of their famous chicken and waffles. A Fox Business Network crew was also in the restaurant to talk to the owner about "government intrusion on small businesses" (predictable). Unbeknownst to Marisa and I, some important moments of ours were captured in FBN's piece. Look how hard I'm concentrating at what this guy is saying:

pink teacup 2

Listening to these people talk about their insane lives was great and all, but the real highlight came when the owner delivered me my piping hot waffle. Thankfully, this moment was captured for all to see:

pink teacup writing

You can watch the full story here, though I'm not sure I recommend it:

Government Intrudes on Brooklyn Restaurant Owner

Marisa recently went back to Pink Teacup to follow up without me, and two separate staff members who didn't hear each other asked, "Where is the little girl who was housing that waffle?"

I've never been more proud.